Posted by: Ed Darrell | April 16, 2008

Psychology Project

Your task is to profile one of the following people:

Mary Whiton Culkins
Jane Goodall
Jean Piaget
Erik Erikson
Elizabeth Kübler Ross
Roger Wolcott Sperry
Franz Anton Mesmer
Gustav Theodor Fechner
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov
Elizabeth Loftus
Noam Chomsky
Paul Ekman
Howard Gardner
Carl Rogers
Deepak Chopra
Abraham Maslow
Dorothea Dix
Sigmund Freud
Linda L. McCarley
Oliver Sacks
Antonio Damasio
B. F. Skinner
Ellen Langer
William James
Carl Jung
Frederick Taylor

I want you to be able to tell why that person is important in the study of psychology, and a bit about their work.

So, tell who the person is, succinctly, and why they are important to psychology. Tell the key points of their work, or theory, or grand idea, or tell something about the “why.” Freud is the “father of psychoanalysis,” sure — but what is psychoanalysis?

You may tell your story

  • in a movie
  • in an essay
  • on a poster
  • in a diorama
  • in a video
  • in a radio-style production
  • in a magazine-style article
  • in a newspaper-style article
  • in a stand-alone slide presentation
  • in a presentation designed for a presenter (with fewer words on the slides, for sure)
  • or in any other way the student and Mr. Darrell agree upon before hand.

We’ll spend a couple of days in the library, to give you access to computers and the internet — and to the resources of the library. The project is due on Thursday, April 24.

Any questions, please ask! Ask early. You may ask questions in the comments here.

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